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99 Master Secrets of Learning a Musical Instrument

99 Master Secrets of Learning a Musical Instrument

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A Music Course by Martin Lass

Format: PDF EBook (digital download)

250 pages of ideas, exercises, tools, and step-by-step guidance!

(Suitable for all instruments, all genres, and all levels, beginners to professional.) 

99 Master Secrets of Learning a Musical Instrument

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"So what's this course going to do for me?" you may well ask!

Have you ever wondered how some professional instrumentalists, famous ones included, seem to be so relaxed when they play, even when they're playing so fast that the instrument seems to be on fire? They're totally into it with all their heart and soul, aren't they? With no sign of nervousness! And talk about rhythm! And totally in tune! And how do they remember all those notes? 

It's inspiring to watch isn't it? 

I'll bet you've wished that you could play just like this! I'm there with you. It was always my dream as a boy to be able to play like the masters.

Well, I've been very fortunate in my life and in my music studies to have had some really great teachers. (I mention some of them later.) And, as a result, I'm living my dream every time I get up on stage!

And now I'm in the wonderful position to be able to share with you some of the secrets of the masters that I've been given over the years, which I've incorporated into my playing and into my teachings and which have allowed me to become the master instrumentalist I've become.

I'll tell you a little more about myself, so you can see that I am who I say I am and that I do have the goods to deliver to you in this course...

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