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The Gypsy Fiddler CD

The Gypsy Fiddler CD

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Gypsy music from around the world, from foot-tapping czardases to smoky-tavern love songs, all arranged and played by Martin in his unique and unforgettable style.

For digital download of entire album (as MP3s), please visit Martin Lass Gypsy Fiddler album download

For digital downloads of individual tracks, visit Martin Lass Gypsy Fiddler album on iTunes

Listen to samples of this album


  1. Just for a Lark (Romania)
  2. Armenian Jive (Armenia)
  3. Two Guitars... and a Violin (Russia)
  4. For You (France)
  5. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (Hungary)
  6. Black Eyes (Russia)
  7. The Canary (Poland)
  8. Mom's Goulash (Hungary)
  9. Road to Vladivostok (Russia)
  10. Siberian Flower (Russia)
  11. Russian Roulette (Russia)
  12. Czardas (Italy, Hungarian style)
  13. Moldavian Dance (Moldavia)
  14. Fiddler on the Roof (Russian/Jewish)