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99 Master Secrets of Learning a Musical Instrument


" 99 Master Secrets of Learning a Musical Instrument "

250 pages of ideas, exercises, tools, and step-by-step guidance!

Suitable for all instruments, all genres, and all levels, beginners to professional.

This EBook is a PDF download, which will open on any computer, Mac or PC, and any phone, iPhone or Android.

"So what's this EBook going to do for me?"

Have you ever wondered how some professional instrumentalists, famous ones included, seem to be so relaxed when they play, even when they're playing so fast that the instrument seems to be on fire? They're totally into it with all their heart and soul, aren't they? With no sign of nervousness! And talk about rhythm! And totally in tune! And how do they remember all those notes?

It's inspiring to watch isn't it?

I'll bet you've wished that you could play just like this! I'm there with you. It was always my dream as a boy to be able to play like the masters.

Well, I've been very fortunate in my life and in my music studies to have had some really great teachers. (I mention some of them later.) And, as a result, I'm living my dream every time I get up on stage!

And now I'm in the wonderful position to be able to share with you some of the secrets of the masters that I've been given over the years, which I've incorporated into my playing and into my teachings and which have allowed me to become the master instrumentalist I've become.

I'll tell you a little more about myself, so you can see that I am who I say I am and that I do have the goods to deliver to you in this EBook.

But first, let's have a quick look at the contents...

Ebook Contents:

1 – Important Stuff to Start With! (Core Concepts)

* This chapter already shares with you specific master secrets that define the difference between an average player and a master instrumentalist. And these secrets apply to any instrument and any style, from jazz to rock to classical. This chapter alone is worth the cost of the whole book! All you need to do is follow the steps.

2 – How to Play in a Relaxed Way

* Do you get tense while playing? And nervous when playing in front of others? You've seen how easily and how relaxed your favorite instrumentalists play, right? Even in front of an audience of thousands! Here are the master secrets that will help you relax--that will make playing anything and everything a breeze.

* Relaxation is the master key to playing like a wizard. It affects and improves everything else. Try it and see!

3 – How to Speed Up Your Playing

* You've watched your favorite players play so fast that your eyes can't even keep up, right? They play like demons possessed! Do you want a bit of that? Well, here it is, step by step.

* When you combine the relaxation secrets that you'll learn in Chapter 2 with the master secrets you'll learn in this chapter, speed will no longer be an issue. You will know exactly how the masters do it, and you'll be able to start applying it immediately.

4 – How to Practice

* I don't care what anybody says about how there are musical geniuses out there who never have to practice!--even when we're talking about jazz musicians. I know from personal experience with some of the greatest players in the world (I mention some of them below) that they work at what they do. To become a master instrumentalist requires regular effort.

* But why work harder than you have to? What the master instrumentalists know that the rest of the average guys, try-hards, and wannabe's don't know is how to practice. When you know how to practice efficiently and intelligently, not only will you see results faster than you've ever seen them before, but you'll love doing it, because you'll begin to see immediate results.

* This chapter reveals the master secrets of how to practice, step by step, so that you'll never waste another minute wondering how to get the results you want, because you'll be too busy getting them!

5 – How to Memorize

* Have you ever watched your favorite instrumentalists and wondered how they remember all those notes? I certainly used to. And if I had to play something from memory, my fear of forgetting something invariably made me forget something!

* That was me until I learned the secrets of what I now call bank vault memory--memory that will never let you done, protected by multiple failsafes, backups, and redundant systems, just like the data server of a global bank! Haha!

* What you'll quickly see in this chapter is that memorization is not a talent reserved for a few brainiacs that we'd love to hate for it. Memorizing is a skill that can be learned by anybody when knowledge is combined with application. I'll give you the knowledge. You apply it. Step by step. You'll soon be wondering how you ever forgot anything before.

6 – How to Overcome Nervousness

* Does just the thought of playing in front of people make your heart pound, your legs shake, your hands sweat, and your head spin? And the more nervous you get, do you find the more you make a mess of it?

* In this chapter, I'll share with you exactly why you get nervous, what this is connected to, how this manifests in your mind, body, and emotions, and exactly how to deal with it.

* Here's a teaser: If you focus on your nervousness, you give it more power. So, you need to focus elsewhere. I'll tell you exactly where and how to focus so that you can turn negative nerves into positive energy for your playing and performances.

7 – How to Play with Heart and Soul

* Do you sometimes feel as though you simply can't get what's inside you outside through your music? Because of embarrassment? Tension? Lack of confidence? Emptiness? Resentment and other negative emotions? Shyness? Or something else?

* Chances are that you started playing music because you wanted to get what's inside you outside you, i.e. to express yourself in a way that you couldn't express otherwise. Music is a great gift like this.

* This chapter explores all the possible things that might be keeping you from playing with all your heart and soul, and it gives you tools, exercises, and processes to address these things--to allow you to express yourself freely and openly from your very core.


"As a teacher and performer of 30 years' experience and an examiner for the Australian Music Examinations Board, I can highly recommend Martin Lass' book "99 Master Secrets of Learning a Musical Instrument". This is sound advice for anyone looking to improve their playing, whether they are a professional, a student preparing for an examination, or someone playing for their own enjoyment. Martin's insights as a skilled technician and a superb musician who truly plays from the heart , are clearly expressed in a succinct and easily comprehendible manner. I especially enjoyed the chapters on Intonation and Visualisation. Music is a gift that we can spend a lifetime perfecting. The true joy lies in passing that gift on to others, as this book does."
Loreta Fin from Sydney, Australia (teacher, performer, & examiner for the Australian Music Examinations Board)

"I've been struggling with getting tense while I play for years. I've even had to go to chiropractors at times just to help me relax. But Martin Lass's EBook has been a miracle. I'm seeing where the tensions come from and how to deal with them... basically how to relax more while playing. And he's right! It changes everything!"
Trent from Chicago, IL

"As a professional guitarist, I'm always looking for ways to improve my game and to raise the bar. It's a tough world out there, so every extra edge helps. Martin Lass's book is helping me do this. Let me tell you, musician to musician: he's got the goods! Worth every penny."
Jimmy from Nashville, TN

"When you've been playing for as long as I have, without being able to take it to the next level, you end up thinking that there's something wrong with you, like it's too late or you're too slow or too old or something. "99 Master Secrets of Learning a Musical Instrument" has completely changed my view on this! I'm realizing that its not me. It's just a matter of having the right knowledge and applying it in the right way. Thank you, Martin Lass!"
Kristy from San Fernando Valley, CA

"I've been studying music in London for several years now. I love the school and my teacher, but there have been certain aspects of my playing that simply haven't been getter any better, no matter how much practice I do. When I first saw Martin Lass's book, I was skeptical, of course! I already had one of the best teachers in the world! But a friend recommended the book to me, so I got it and took a look. Well, when I started to work with some of the techniques and exercises in the book, it was truly amazing! Suddenly so many things my teacher had been trying to help me with became crystal clear! I can highly recommend this book to anybody wishing to improve their playing, even if they already have a teacher. (My teacher is very pleased, too! :-) )"
Nicholas from London

"Speed has always been an issue for me. As soon as I try to play faster, the rhythm goes, the accuracy and intonation goes, and I end up just locking up. I'd heard that the faster you play, the more relaxed you have to be, but this never made sense to me, or I just wasn't doing something right. "99 Master Secrets of Learning a Musical Instrument" has given me the key I've been looking for... how to play faster AND relax at the same time! Pure genius! Thank you!"
Darren from Auckland, NZ

"Before I got this book, I was like, how DO musicians remember all those notes by memory?? Aaaargh!! Help me! But then I got this book and starting working my way through it. Like, DUH! The way he explains things is just SO clear that I"m thinking why didn't I think of this first? Anyway, this is the BEST book about playing an instrument I've EVER read! You just have to have it!
Alicia from Seattle, WA

8 – How to Play in Time

* In this chapter, you'll learn how to improve your sense of timing and your sense of the beat in your music. Teaser: The beat is already in your body.

* As with anything else, playing in time is only a matter of understanding, focus, and practice. There’s no secret to playing in time or to feeling the beat. It’s not some special gift granted only to certain individuals or certain cultural groups, despite this common belief.

* You can learn to feel the beat, express the beat, and stay in time. This will help you not only in your own playing for yourself, but will also help when it comes to playing with others. There’s nothing more exciting and inspiring than locking into a beat, a feel, or a groove with a group of musicians all playing together.

9 – How to Play in Tune

* There nothing worse than listening to somebody playing or singing out of tune! A musician could have the most amazing sound or technique, but if they can’t play in tune, all the rest of it is irrelevant.

* In this chapter, you'll learn secrets and techniques that will help you improve your sense of pitch. And just to let you know, unless you have actual ear damage, there’s nothing biological or genetic standing in the way of developing a good ear. It’s not a gift or a talent, even though it seems to come easier to some people; it’s a skill, and any skill can be acquired by applying the right techniques.

10 – The Power of Visualization Applied to Playing Your Instrument

* In this chapter, you'll learn about the power of attention, intention, visualization, affirmation, meditation, and more and how these tools can be used to help you become a master instrumentalist.

* You've probably heard about "The Secret," right? About how you can attract and manifest anything you want in your life simply by visualizing it? Well, they only gave half the story here. I give you the other half in this chapter.

Important Stuff to Finish With!

* This final chapter has some important closing messages for you, bringing together everything you've learned in this EBook into a unified picture of you as a master instrumentalist.

" 99 Master Secrets of Learning a Musical Instrument "

You're probably asking:

"Who is the author of this 'miracle' EBook and what qualifies him to teach me?"

I'm Martin Lass, and I'm a professional instrumentalist, teacher, and composer.

If you've never heard me play, you can watch me right now on my website. That way, you'll see that I'm a legitimate player and teacher and that this is a legitimate offer, not some fly-by-night scheme! In fact, feel free to Google "Martin Lass," and you'll see all the things I've done with my music and my life.

I perform all around the world, playing a variety of different styles of music, from classical to gypsy to love songs to pop tunes to broadway songs to my own original music.

NOTE: The secrets I have to share with you apply equally to any instrument, whether you're a pianist, guitarist, bass player, violinist, flutist, or even a banjo player! AND they apply equally to whatever style of music you play, from jazz to classical to rock.

I've studied with some of the greatest teachers--teachers like Lim Kek Tjiang, Robert Pikler, and Igor Hmelnitsky. And I've had the privilege of working with, and alongside, some of the greatest instrumentalists ever--players like jazz trumpeter, James Morrison, popular guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel, smooth jazz guitarist, George Benson, popular pianist, Richard Clayderman, classical violinist, Yehudi Menuhin, and a whole host of other famous classical and popular instrumentalists. But don't just take my word for it... check out my website.

The important thing is that I've taken the best of what I've learned from all my teachers and all the wonderful musicians I've had the honor of working with, and I've applied this to my playing and teaching. And to this I've added my own 50+ years of experience (I'm not as young as I look... haha!).

And I now bring all of this to you in this wonderful EBook...

" 99 Master Secrets of Learning a Musical Instrument "

Feel free to have another look at the contents of this Ebook (scroll up).

And remember that you can apply everything that you will learn in this book to any instrument that you might be learning and to any musical style.

To purchase this book, please visit Amazon. It is available either as a Kindle ebook or as a hard copy.