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About me

Martin Lass

Violinist and Composer


Tesla's Innovational Technologies Consultant

Martin Lass

The Original Pop Violin Virtuoso

“…. There on stage was this incredible man making unbelievable music on his violin….

Before Andre Rieu, Vanessa Mae, David Garrett, and all who have come after, there was Martin Lass, already having broken the mold of the usual violin soloist, crossing over from a classical background into rock classical, pop, his ancestral gypsy music, love songs, Broadway, country, jazz, and original compositions. Many have fashioned themselves in Martin’s image, but he remains the original classical crossover artist.

After classical beginnings—which included playing as principal and soloist with orchestras such as the Sydney Symphony and the world-renowned Australian Chamber Orchestra—Martin blazed onto the popular music scene after blitzing a national television talent show, thereafter winning seven consecutive “Mo Awards” for Instrumental Excellence, as well as being awarded the “Variety Club Showman of the Year” award.  He has since performed with such international stars as Julio Iglesias, Luciano Pavarotti, Ronnie Corbett, Olivia Newton-John, and Joan Baez, as well as having shared his mastery at three Royal Command Performances for the British Royal family.

Martin has made more than 200 appearances on Australian Television.  He is also a well-known recording artist with 10 CD recordings to his name—including a Gold Album and an Australian “Grammy” nomination—and with releases in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the USA.

After Martin relocated to New York in 2000, his album, “Sonnet”, featuring his original music, was released across the USA in 2002.  It achieved No. 13 on the national NAV charts and has been picked up by over 500 radio stations across the country, as well as receiving glowing reviews nationwide.  Among other accolades, one of the songs from this album was picked up by NASA as the soundtrack for their short, film, “Three Years of the Sun in Three Minutes.” Martin was nominated for the prestigious Manhattan Association of Clubs (MAC) Award for the New York debut of his show: “Songs Without Words”, which also garnered rave reviews from the New York press.


Martin Lass

Astrologer, specialising in Chiron, Planet of Healing

As an astrologer, Martin Lass has studied astrology since the age of twelve and has been a professional practicing and consulting astrologer since the late 1980s. His specialty is Chiron, Planet of Healing, and he is considered to be one of the world’s leading authorities on Chiron and spiritual astrology.

In 2005, Llewellyn Publications published Martin's book on Chiron, “Chiron – Healing Body and Soul.” The book received glowing reviews and, upon its release, was deemed “the definitive work to date on this planetoid.”

Martin was a regular feature-article and column writer for “Well Being,” “The Golden Age,” and “Woman Spirit” magazines in the Asia-Pacific region. He has also written and self-published a large number of others books on spirituality, metaphysics, and music, available online. He has been a consulting astrologer for many years, giving personal astrological counselling and healing to innumerable clients. He has given numerous seminars, workshops, and lectures in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Germany. And he has been a regular presenter at The American Federation of Astrologers conventions in the USA.

As a metaphysician, student, and teacher of the Mysteries, Martin has studied far and wide in such diverse areas as astrology, mysticism, comparative religions, music, physics, sacred numbers, mythology, spiritualism, and health and healing. Martin’s first formal training was with the Rosicrucian Order. Later, he became a member of a Gurdjieff School (Newport, Australia). Still later, he became a Counsellor of Wisdom in the Concourse School of Philosophy and Healing (Houston, TX), a school with connections to the Egyptian Mystery Schools. He currently runs a Gurdjieff Group from the Gold Coast in Australia.

Martin Lass

Tesla's Innovational Technologies Consultant

I have been involved with Tesla's Innovational Technologies for over a decade, and I am close with its founders. After years of using the technologies myself, I decided to become a consultant so that I could spread this wonderful technology across the globe, sharing its capabilities in addressing the issues inherent in chaotic human-created EMFs/EMR, including 5G, and it capability in assisting us in reconnecting with Source or Spirit... to cut through the fog of electrosmog, which otherwise thwarts our ability to receive the higher influences necessary for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

As a consultant for Tesla's Innovational Technologies, I am available to discuss all of your EMF concerns and issues and to guide you to the right solutions. Please contact me using the Contact Us link.

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