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Tesla's Innovational Technologies | Disconnection from the Source of our higher life

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Disconnection from the source of our higher life
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Disconnection from the Source of our higher life

As we mentioned in the first section of this overview, humans' extraction, use, and ultimate destruction of electricity from Nature is having an increasingly damaging effect upon us and upon all living things on the planet. This is exacerbated by related wireless technologies such as radio waves (RF), microwaves (ovens, 5G phones), radar, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, as well as by geopathic factors such as ley lines and underground water.

All of this is contributing to stress, injury, and disease, not the least of which diseases is cancer. We have already presented the scientific evidence of this.


Human extraction of electricity from Nature and the associated EMFs/EMR are also causing humans to be increasingly distracted, their attention increasingly easily hijacked and held captive. It is making it increasingly difficult to focus. It is causing humans to find it increasingly difficult to control and check their negative emotional reactions, which, in turn, makes interpersonal relationships increasingly challenging. And it is making it increasingly difficult for people to attend to their inner, spiritual lives, as in, for example, meditation.

Cut off from Source

We mentioned briefly that the net effect of 1) our descent and incarnation into the world of duality where we end up surrounded by a thick fog of ignorance and illusion—the shell of personality, which is a false self—and 2) the increasingly thick fog of electrosmog (EMFs/EMR) from human-created electricity and wireless technologies is causing humans to feel cut off from Source or Spirit.

Part of the reason for this is that EMFs/EMR have been shown to adversely affect pineal gland function.1 The pineal gland has long been associated with our higher spiritual functions and with our connection to Source/Spirit.


Put in a simple way, we find ourselves immersed in a kind of static, which distorts and even blocks the receipt and transmission of higher energies—of higher consciousness, ultimately. These higher energies, which are vital for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being, come from the Earth herself, the Sun, the planets and solar system as a whole, and from the galaxy and beyond.

Food for body and soul

These energies can be considered to be different kinds of food that feed different aspects of us.

If our physical food is poisoned with chemicals and pesticides and the plant and animal life from which we obtain this food is damaged by EMFs/EMR, we will not receive optimum nutrition, and we may even be poisoned or injured by it over time.

Similarly, if the air we breathe—our second "food," so to speak—is polluted and the electrical charge of it has been depleted or distorted by EMFs/EMR, we will not receive optimum "nutrition" from this, and, again, we may even be poisoned or injured by it over time.

Similarly, if the higher energies coming from the Sun, planets, and stars—our third "food," so to speak, which is a kind of natural radiation of a psychic nature, part of this being contained in natural light—is made unnatural and incoherent by EMFs/EMR and some of these energies are even blocked, again, we will not receive optimum "nutrition" from this, and, again, we may even be poisoned or injured by it.


Sensitivity to higher influences

Those who are sensitive to finer psychic energies, impressions, and intuitions may be finding it increasingly difficult to tune in, so to speak, and wondering why this is so. Those on a spiritual path may be finding it increasingly difficult to focus on their inner lives and to attend to their daily spiritual practices such as meditation and, once again, wondering why.

Once again, there are two reasons for this: 1) our descent and incarnation into this dualistic world and 2) the increasing static of electrosmog that is cutting us off from Source or Spirit.

The first factor could and should rightly be addressed by living a more spiritual life, or, as the great master, G. I. Gurdjieff put it, by working on ourselves. However, the second factor is getting in the way of our doing this effectively and in a sustained manner.

So, we must first address the second factor. That is to say, we must somehow address the EMFs/EMR-created static that is causing our efforts in this direction to be weak and ineffective and that is blocking us from our innermost nature and, ultimately, from the greater cosmos around us.

Tesla's Innovational Technologies addresses the issues associated with human-created electricity and EMFs/EMR and with the geopathic factors that were mentioned in a previous section.

In short, these countering, mediating technologies effectively clear the static, which allows us to reconnect with our innermost selves and with the greater cosmos. They filter and condition human-created EMFs/EMR, rendering them more coherent and harmonious to the human organism and the human psyche. This allows the human organism and psyche to deal with the overload of incoherent and even poisonous physical, electrical, and psychic environmental factors coming from a world immersed in electrosmog.

It is important to point out that Tesla's Innovational Technologies does not purport to cure anything. These technologies do, however, created an environment around us in which Nature in us and around us can do her job better in keeping us healthy, balanced, and happy. Nature cures when the environment permits.

It is also important to note that Tesla's Innovational Technologies does not replace the need for us to attend to our spiritual lives. It does not replace the need to work on ourselves. In fact, if anything, as the static clears, it challenges us to attend to the things within us that have been stopping us from reconnecting fully with Source or Spirit. It challenges us to break through the fog of illusion and ignorance, to dissolve the illusions of the false self, and to find and nurture our more authentic self.

In this way, Tesla's Innovational Technologies is not just about mediating the adverse effects of human-created EMFs/EMR; it is also about helping us reconnect with our true selves, with the collective consciousness of humanity, and with the greater cosmos of which we are a part. Ultimately, this will allow us to do our part for the eventual Ascension of the planet to higher dimensions.

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