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Tesla's Innovational Technologies | Extraterrestrials (ETs)

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Extraterrestrials (ETs)
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The story so far

So far, we have described the technologies that underlie Tesla's Innovational Technologies products. In particular, we have discussed scalar wave technology and how this accesses a realm higher than the visible and electromagnetic universe with which we are familiar. We have discussed how all of time and space collapse into the Here and Now as consciousness approaches the speed of light and that, with light energy and with scalar wave technology, coherence conquers incoherence, order trumps chaos, light abolishes darkness, and higher knowledge and understanding banish ignorance.

This makes this technology invaluable in:

  1. Addressing the issues involved with human-created EMFs/EMR
  2. Assisting in the raising of our consciousness, individually and collectively, to a higher dimension


Now, we are ready to talk about ETs... yes, you heard right... ETs as in extraterrestrial beings!

Up until just this last year, most people were happy to believe the mass media propaganda that we have been fed since the 1950s that ETs do not exist and that anybody who believes they exist is either a tin-foil hat kook, a conspiracy theorist, or both. Or they have come to believe the disinformation that ETs are evil and out to control or even destroy us.

Well, times are changing. Mainstream media has "leaked" accounts of credible military experts confirming the existence of so-called UFOs. One account was even published recently in the New York Times from videos officially released by the Pentagon. There are an increasing number "leaks" like this, as well as overt admissions of the existence of UFOs as formerly top-secret documents become declassified and as expert witnesses come forward into the mainstream. Moreover, sightings of these crafts have increased greatly lately. Here is a website that logs the latest UFO sightings.

The recent admissions are nothing, though, compared to the body of expert witness testimony to the existence of ETs and their advanced technologies that has been collected, collated, and presented by a man by the name of Dr. Steven Greer. You can listen to a great body of this testimony at Dr. Greer's YouTube channel.

We're talking about high-profile, expert witnesses who have dealt directly with ETs and the their technologies. Some of it may be a little challenging to swallow, even scary. However, rest assured that the stereotype of hostile aliens who are out to abduct you, out to take over or destroy humanity, or who have taken over the bodies of high-profile politicians is complete and utter garbage. The latter is propaganda designed 1) to scare us away from researching the truth about ETs and 2) to prepare us for an almighty false flag event in the form of a supposed "alien" invasion. Again, though, that's another story.

The truth of the matter is that ETs, the real ones, are highly advanced both in consciousness and in technology. If they wanted to take us over, they could have already done so in an instant. You might ask, what about all the abductions, mutilations, and people who claim to have seen reptilian aliens? Well... as I said and confirmed by Dr. Greer, these have been a prelude to a huge false flag event. These events were human-created, nothing to do with actual ETs. And yes, this includes humans using stolen and reverse-engineered alien technologies.

Anyway, we're getting a little off track here...

Why is this happening now? That's a longer story and not a good one, but, for the moment, let's limit our discussion to what is relevant to Tesla's technologies and what is the most positive hope for the planet that we have seen in decades.

In the meantime, please do yourself a favour and get to know Dr. Steven Greer and his work. There is his personal YouTube channel, and there is his main website, which contains information about his The Disclosure Project, his CSETI protocols for contacting ETs, and his latest movie, "Unacknowledged," which is the most inspiring of all.

The Tesla connection

So, what has this to do with Tesla and Tesla's Innovational Technologies? What is very interesting about what Dr. Greer has discovered about ETs through mountains of expert-witness testimony is that ETs have combined technology with spirituality.

Of what does their technology consists? One guess... Scalar wave technology and the mastery of the electromagnetic universe with which we are familiar. This is the very same technology that Tesla's Innovational Technologies uses. However, ETs mastery of this technology is millions of years more advanced. For example, they have consciousness-assisted scalar wave technologies that allow them to travel the galaxy and beyond.

To understand what this technology is and how it works, we need to understand that the world we perceive through the physical senses and even through our instruments that measure the invisible electromagnetic universe is just one level/plane/realm of an infinite universe. There exists another "dimension" above our four dimensions. ETs, being possibly millions of years more advanced than us, have figured out how travel between this realm and next higher realm... the scalar wave realm.

You might imagine this being a kind of "hyperspace" that we hear about in science fiction. Well, it's actually more than this. As we have already mentioned in this overview, this higher level/plane/realm/dimension directly corresponds to what Eastern mysticism has called the astral plane. It's the next level of consciousness above the physical plane. It's the plane where we sometimes go when we are sleeping. However, at our current level of consciousness, we do not yet know how to exist in this higher realm and travel there without getting ourselves into all manner of troubles, because, there, thought becomes reality instantly! Without controlled, developed, focused, and quiet attention, we remain scattered in consciousness in this realm.

By the way, this is why those who meditate and practice focused attention are able to negotiate their way to and through higher realms of consciousness. Astral travelling and remote viewing are two examples of this. Dr. Greer himself speaks about accessing this higher realm, having trained in and practiced meditation for decades, as well as being a trainer himself.

So, what we are talking about here are dimensional shifts facilitated by a marriage of higher conscious intention and consciousness-assisted technology. This is how ET crafts and the ETs themselves can materialise and dematerialise at will.

If this is beginning to stretch credibility, I urge you once again to go to Dr. Greer's YouTube channel and his main website and dig deep into this extraordinary material. There are mountains of evidence that all of this is true.

Why have we not heard about all this before? In short, because it has all been suppressed. Again, Dr. Greer's material will elaborate this and the reasons why it has all been suppressed. Briefly, it's because people in power have deemed this information "too dangerous" to reveal to the general public and "a matter of national security." The other reason is that they want to keep these advanced technologies to themselves for power and profit. You would be shocked to the core if you knew the extent of this cover-up and the extent that ET technologies have been stolen and developed by humans.

So, where to from here?

Tesla's Innovational Technologies products are not just devices to mediate and condition human-created incoherent (chaotic) EMFs/EMR. They are also devices that assist us in raising our consciousness towards the next higher level/plane/realm/dimension. The higher purpose of Tesla's Innovational Technologies is the raising of the consciousness of humanity and of the ascension of planet itself.

So, when you wear your Tesla's pendant and use the other devices/products, you are using technology to assist your energy field to rebalance and to connect with higher realms, bringing in this higher energy for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, not only for you personally, but all those around you and going out to the planet at large

As you can now see, our devices are are much more than mere "protection" devices. They are part of our future as a species as we raise ourselves in consciousness towards our ET brothers and sisters who are already waiting for us to join them in peace, love, and higher consciousness.

Please feel free to explore the rest of this site, as well as all the links given above. And when you're ready, we are here to help.

Lastly, remember that all Tesla's Innovational Technologies products have a 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee except the Personal Pendants and the Spirit Plates.

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