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Tesla's Innovational Technologies | Geopathic stress

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Understanding geopathic stress & health

“Geopathic stress” is a term derived from geo, for the Earth, and pathogenic, meaning creating illness.

The Earth has many geo-electromagnetic field lines crossing its surface. These rise up through the earth and are called Ley lines. In addition, the Earth has many subterranean rivers and streams.

A person who is adversely affected by these negative earth energies is suffering from what we are calling geopathic stress. From this, they can lose physical strength, energy, and emotional stability. Illnesses that are claimed to be caused by these forces include feeling fatigued even after a night's sleep, aching muscles and joints, emotional over-sensitivity, hyperactivity, and aggression.


Geopathic stress is also caused by:

  • Above-ground high-tension wires
  • Radio and telephone towers
  • Radar
  • Artificial lighting, e.g. fluorescent lighting
  • Underground electrical wiring

In short, geopathic stress is also caused by human-created EMFs/EMR.


The bad news about geopathic stress

Geopathic stress causes a weakness of the immune system, and this can lead to an inability to absorb nutrients properly, which can result in headaches, depression, or stress.

Geopathic stress may also be the source of unwanted paranormal activity.

Geopathic stress has also been found to be the most common factor in serious and long-term illnesses and in some psychological conditions.

Scientists at Dulwich Health Society, UK, studied over 25,000 people with ill health and concluded that the following groups are geopathically stressed (GS):

  • 100% of people who get secondary cancer
  • 95% of people who get cancer
  • 95% of children with hyperactivity etc
  • 95% of people who develop AIDS
  • 80% of parents/caregivers who abuse children
  • 80% of people who get divorced
  • 80% of couples unable to have babies
  • 80% of women who have a miscarriage
  • 80% of babies who died of Cot Death
  • 70% of M.E. (Post Viral Fatigue) sufferers
  • 70% of people who are allergic to food/drink.

In other studies, doctors in Europe who, between them, have investigated over 10,000 cancer patients, found that 92% of them were living in a geopathically stressed environment.

Your immune system and your DNA

Strictly speaking, geopathic stress does not cause any illness, but it lowers your immune system and your ability to fight off viruses and bacteria. Note this in relation to the recent COVID-19 "pandemic," that is to say, the highest areas of infection have occurred in areas where 5G has already been heavily deployed, e.g. Wuhan and New York.

Geopathic stress is a weak, but continuous stress on the DNA. Over a period of years, it seriously disrupts the metabolism on a molecular scale. The most common indication of geopathic stress is resistance to treatment, either conventional or alternative.


In summary, geopathic stress can be caused by any of three things:

  1. Ley lines
  2. Underground water
  3. Human-created EMFs/EMR

Tesla's Innovational Technologies devices are designed to address geopathic stress.

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