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Tesla's Innovational Technologies | Our electrical nature

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Who are we as humans?
Our electrical nature
Scientific proof of the dangers of EMFs/EMR and 5G
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Disconnection from the Source of our higher life
Who was Nikola Tesla?
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What else was Nikola Tesla about?
Extraterrestrials (ETs)
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Our electrical nature - some general knowledge

The physical body is almost wholly electrical, chemical, and mechanical. The medical profession seems to have forgotten this, though, and they work mainly on the chemical side. Hence, their drug-based approach to health and healing.

Until fairly recently, the scientific community has only recognised what their five senses can show them barring what can be detected using increasingly advanced technology. The energy field around all living things cannot be seen, smelt, or felt with our five usual senses. This has caused a big conflict between science and those of us who use our extra senses.

Understanding photon energy, meaning light taken in its broadest sense, gives us an understanding of the electrical aspects of our bodies. We will elaborate what we mean by photon energy in a following section of this overview.

Seeing beyond the physical world

With the development of Kirlian photography, Aura photography, and Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP), we can now look from the physical world into the world of energy fields that are in and around all living things. This energy field is called, in general terms, the aura, which is really pure photon energy.

Diseases are electrical problems

According to researchers such as Dr. Wilhelm Reich, diseases such as cancer and arthritis are really electrical problems within the body caused by an imbalance in the human energy field.

Dr. Reich, in the 1950’s, claimed that cancer and arthritis were electrical diseases. He claimed these diseases could be cured with "Orgone Energy," which he described as being Universal Energy. Dr Reich trapped this energy in an Orgone Accumulator, which was made by alternating organic and inorganic matter. The problem with this was Dr Reich’s use of iron, which created its own unnatural magnetic field and which had an unbalancing effect. In addition, "Orgone Energy" is not a pure form of photon energy.

Electromagnetic energy cannot be seen, tasted, or touched, at least not in the usual way. As a consequence, the “scientific” leaders of the day and the FDA would not accept Dr Reich’s work. He was consequently jailed and his books destroyed. He died in prison 6 months later in 1957.

Living in an electromagnetic world

Our being essentially electrical in nature or, more accurately, electromagnetic in nature means that we are continuously interacting with the electromagnetic world around us. Our very cells communicate with each other electromagnetically. Our cells rely upon electromagnetism coming from the Earth, the Sun, the planets, and beyond. Communication between human beings and, in fact, all living things, has a major electromagnetic component. We are electromagnetic beings living in an electromagnetic sea.

What electromagnetism really is

Now, let's use the proper word for electromagnetism: consciousness. The latest scientific research and theories revolve around the idea that human consciousness is electromagnetic in nature (McFadden, Lipton, Sheldrake, et al). However, it is more than this. If we live in a sea of electromagnetism, then we live in a literal sea of consciousness.

In short, the universe is consciousness - consciousness at various levels from the consciousness of a rock to the consciousness of Source or Spirit, however you wish to envision this.

Coherent or incoherent?

Now, here's the point: Consciousness, like electromagnetic fields, can be more or less incoherent or coherent. The more incoherent or chaotic they are, the more damaging the fields are. The more coherent and ordered they are, the more unified they are. Incoherence takes us downwards into ignorance, illusion, and darkness. Coherence takes us upwards into awakening, truth, and light.

Do you see where we are going with this? Human-created EMFs/EMR, which are the electromagnetic fields surrounding human-created electricity and electrical and electronic devices, are incoherent. As such, they interfere with our more coherent fields - with our fields of consciousness.

When an incoherent EM field overlaps a coherent EM field, it makes the coherent field more incoherent.

In short, human-created EMFs/EMR adversely affect both our electrical/electromagnetic bodies and fields and our consciousness.

As human-created EMFs/EMR have increased in the last one hundred years, we have been increasingly subject to incoherent EM fields, which is wreaking havoc with our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being.

The science is in

Science knows about much of this now, as we explore in the next section of this overview. But the vested interests behind new technologies such as 5G are ignoring this and even suppressing it, because it threatens their profits, and it threatens their desire to control humanity.

An answer

Fortunately, as we've been saying, there is an answer, which is encapsulated in Tesla's Innovational Technologies, which we will be exploring in the next sections of this overview.

Next section: Scientific proof of the dangers of EMFs/EMR and 5G

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