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Tesla's Innovational Technologies | Product Testing

What's it all about?
Who are we as humans?
Our electrical nature
Scientific proof of the dangers of EMFs/EMR and 5G
Geopathic stress
Disconnection from the Source of our higher life
Who was Nikola Tesla?
Getting into the details...
What else was Nikola Tesla about?
Extraterrestrials (ETs)
Summary of what Tesla's Innovational Technologies is about
Product Testing
Supporting videos
Explore your Tesla's options
About me

Product Testing

Tesla's Innovational Technologies products have undergone extensive testing using modern, scientific equipment and methods. In addition, in-the-field tests and experiments have been done. And finally, there are any number of anecdotal accounts of the effectiveness of the products.

You will find a summary of the clinical tests below followed by a link to our informational videos, which contain various experiments and anecdotal accounts.

In the end, though, you must be the judge through direct experience of these products. Remember that all Tesla's products, except the Personal Pendants and Spirit plates, have a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee.

For more tests, experiments, and testimonials, please visit our Informational Videos page.

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