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Summary of what Tesla's Innovational Technologies is about

What's it all about?
Who are we as humans?
Our electrical nature
Scientific proof of the dangers of EMFs/EMR and 5G
Geopathic stress
Disconnection from the Source of our higher life
Who was Nikola Tesla?
Getting into the details...
What else was Nikola Tesla about?
Extraterrestrials (ETs)
Summary of what Tesla's Innovational Technologies is about
Product Testing
Supporting videos
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Tesla's Innovational Technologies's first and immediate purpose is to provide products that mediate and condition chaotic (incoherent) human-created EMFs/EMR, rendering these more harmonious (coherent) to human beings and other living things. By creating a harmonious environment in the face of the onslaught of chaotic human-created EMFs/EMR arising from modern technologies, this allows Nature and our bodies to do their job better in keeping us healthy and happy.

The second, wider purpose of these technologies and products is to cut through the fog of electrosmog... the static of human-created EMFs/EMR... that cuts us off from higher influences that are necessary for a) our general physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual welfare and b) our possibility of spiritual development and evolution. Inherent in both of these aspects, is our reconnection to Source or Spirit.

Tesla's products cut through the static of electrosmog and reconnect us with our spiritual origins by virtue of light energy and scalar waves, which are received and transmitted by these devices from the Sun, the solar system as a whole, the galaxy, and beyond.

This technology is a primitive form of the technology used by more advanced stellar civilisations to negotiate moving back and forth between 4D reality and higher dimensional realities sometimes referred to as "the 5th dimension" or "the astral plane."

In this way, Tesla's Innovational Technologies are assisting humanity, individually and collectively, to evolve beyond its current dark state... helping us to wake up, challenging us to attend to our spiritual lives, and assisting us in our Ascension back towards our origins in Source or Spirit.

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