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Tesla's Innovational Technologies | Getting into the Details...

What's it all about?
Who are we as humans?
Our electrical nature
Scientific proof of the dangers of EMFs and 5G
Geopathic stress
Disconnection from the Source of our higher life
Who was Nikola Tesla?
Getting into the details...
What else was Nikola Tesla about?
Extraterrestrials (ETs)
Summary of what Tesla's Innovational Technologies is about
Product Testing
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Getting into the details...

Now that we have covered some substantial background material and have indicated that Tesla's Innovational Technologies addresses the issues inherent in human-created EMFs/EMR, including 5G, let's delve into the details of this technology.

Cutting through the mumbo-jumbo

Here, we are going to cut through all of the mumbo-jumbo we find on other websites claiming to be promoting products based on Tesla's technologies. If a company cannot even properly explain these technologies but, rather, resorts to woo-woo New Age or pseudo-scientific language that is both vague and fanciful, then how is anybody going to trust that their products actually do what they claim they do?

Note that you are free to skip this section and move on to the next sections. However, I highly encourage you to stay with me as I explain why this technology is so revolutionary, how it does what it does, and why it is very different from other competing technologies that are out there.

"The light will cure us."

~G. I. Gurdjieff (in the first half of the 20th century), recalled by Maurice Nichol

Photon energy

Let's have a discussion about photon energy in relation to Tesla's technologies and Tesla's Innovational Technologies devices...

Photons are quantum packets of light carrying energy, which demonstrate simultaneous particle and wave properties, meaning they can be considered both matter (as particles) and energy (as waves). Don't worry if you don't fully understand this! Even physicists struggle with this apparent contradiction! As Nobel laureate, Richard Feynman, once said, "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don't understand quantum mechanics!"

To be perfectly accurate, in the broadest terms, everything is light. You are light! Light, taken broadly, encompasses all matter and all electromagnetic energy (EM) in the universe. Matter is "frozen" light. EM energy is light reduced in frequency/speed and, as such, consists of fractions of the fuller spectrum of pure (photonic) light.

The highest manifestation of light, i.e. photons, travel at the speed of light, because, well... they are light! What Einstein discovered, though, was that, as an object approaches the speed of light, its matter, which is "frozen" light, is transformed into energy.

Not only this, but its perceptions of time and space contract until, at the speed of light, everything is perceived as being HERE and NOW, no past, no future!

No time, no space... omnipresent. Do I have your attention? The journey from matter back to energy, back to photonic energy/light, is the journey back to Source or Spirit!

Thus, for a pure photon, distance is no object, and everything that ever existed, exists now, and will exist is HERE and NOW.

Put simply, if we could hook into the highest photon energy, we would have access to everything in the universe, unbounded by space or time. Eastern mystical traditions have referred to this as the Akashic Record.

Leading on from the latest science of consciousness where human consciousness is considered to be electromagnetic fields of energy, as our energy of consciousness rises in frequency and approaches the speed of light, we approach what we might call photonic consciousness.

Tesla knew full well that he was working with higher energies and that, as we explore in the next section, these higher energies are related to higher consciousness.

Turning chaos into order

The point is that photon energy, as it approaches the speed of light, is highly coherent (ordered) so is perfect for mediating and conditioning incoherent (chaotic) energy, i.e. for mediating and conditioning lower EM energy. The higher organises the lower.

Tesla's technologies draw upon these highly coherent, higher energies/consciousness to bring them to us to assist us both practically and spiritually.

Not only this, but photon energies, which are consciousness, as we've said, are perfect for transmitting highly conscious information... messages from the gods, one might say, from the Sun, planets, the galaxy, and beyond.

Having said all this, though, there is something higher than photon energy!

Scalar or Tesla waves

Scalar waves, also known as Tesla waves, go beyond the transmitting power of photons (light). They go beyond electromagnetic waves completely. They are "higher" than electromagnetic waves but cannot be measured in terms of electromagnetism (EM) except in their effects upon EM or in actually producing EM. In this way, they are considered "non-EM" or "non-Hertzian" waves.

Some physicists suggest that scalar waves create all EM phenomena in the universe... put simply, they are a step closer to Source or Spirit.

Not only this, but some physicists suggest that, whereas our known universe appears to be under the laws of uncertainty and probability (quantum mechanics), when it comes to scalar waves, there arises the possibility of controlling, even engineering the probabilities inherent in the quantum universe.

Again, don't worry if this is confusing! The point is that scalar waves are higher than photon energy. As such, they have the possibility of being used to condition, shape, and even create our EM, visible-universe reality through conscious and intentional design. Think: materialisation and dematerialisation, sci-fi "transporters" and "replicators," and much more that goes with this!

Scalar waves/fields draw their energy from the zero-point quantum flux such that they appear to have a net energy of zero, meaning that they cannot be detected by the usual means used to detect electromagnetic fields.

Nonetheless, physicists suggest that scalar waves created at the atomic level, such as in a Tesla's product, propagate into the macrocosmic level. This allows 1) the instantaneous transmission and receipt of higher energy and information (consciousness) across virtually any distance, such as Tesla was working on with his Wardenclyffe tower, and 2) the creation of standing fields of coherent energy... one might say "bubbles" of coherent energy around the objects generating the fields.

The take-home of all of this is that scalar waves and their fields (think: bubbles) can condition EM fields, making these EM fields more coherent and, thus, more suitable for human beings and other living things. Again, the higher organises the lower.

Raising the consciousness of the planet

Not only do Tesla's Innovational Technologies products mediate and condition human-created EMFs/EMR, taking them from incoherent to more coherent, but because scalar technologies organise and make more coherent lower EM fields of consciousness, then this technology has the benefit of actually raising our consciousness towards pure photonic consciousness.

This is a great hope for the evolution and ascension of the planet. The scalar wave domain is what has been loosely referred to in vague New Age terms as the fifth dimension. It is also what the East has called the astral plane.

I'll leave you with these thoughts, as we must move on with this presentation.

Here are three research papers that elaborate everything we need to know about scalar/Tesla waves:

  1. The basic premise - a declassified CIA document
    Check out the first two documents in this search link.
    In the second document, Jump to the section entitled, "Scalar electromagnetics." Ignore the main purpose of the study, which was to discuss directed energy weapons.
  2. Some more detail, particularly setting out Tesla's discovery of scalar waves

The Pyramids connection

The Pyramids were given to humanity after the demise of Atlantis to help bring light back to the planet and to teach us about our design as potential beings of light (higher consciousness).

Among the many "coincidences" to be found in the Pyramids is that the base measurements of the Pyramids encode the speed of light! You will find many sites, including Snopes, that try to debunk this, but the numbers don't lie. Here is a very good elaboration of these "coincidences."

Interestingly, when an eastern block country took an energy photo inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, it showed human DNA (32 strands) going through the centre of the Pyramid.

The Pyramids are quite literally antennas designed to bring in photon energy. When they were built, their purpose was to disperse this light energy across the planet. However, over time, with the shifting of the Earth's magnetic poles and with the precession of the equinoxes combined with human interference, the effectiveness and strength of the Pyramids' functioning has declined.

Tesla’s Innovational Technologies products function in the same way that the Pyramids were originally designed to function. That is to say, they act as antennas, bringing in photon light energy from the Sun and from beyond the solar system. However, unlike the Pyramids and pyramid structures in general, Tesla’s products do not have a negative side. This is because they include scalar wave technology, which, as we have discussed, is higher than photon energy.

It might sound far-fetched to suggest that Tesla's work and Tesla's Innovational Technologies products work in a similar way to the Great Pyramids, but have a good look at the following. Recent scientific research has shown that the Great Pyramids have incredible electromagnetic properties!

Here is a video overview.

Here is a linked article from a pure science website.

And here is the actual scientific study.

Science is gradually catching up to what our ancestors already knew thousands of years ago!

The photon energy source for both the Pyramids and for Tesla’s Innovational Technologies products is the Central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiades constellation, which is said to be a central point in our local universe.

Note: Be skeptical of information about the so-called "Photon Belt" and about assertions that our solar system orbits around Alcyone over a 24,000- to 26,000-year period. This defies astrophysics, despite those who say that scientists have confirmed this. In truth, scientists have refuted this. What is certain is that Alcyone is an energetic hub of higher consciousness that directly impacts our solar system.

Scalar waves technology embedded in Tesla's products comes from the Galactic Centre and beyond, as scalar or Tesla waves hold primacy over the electrodynamics of which our measurable universe is constructed.

The creation of Tesla's products

Tesla's products, after water cutting, doming, and colouring (done by humans), are placed in a device that alters the atomic structure/signature of the metal. This process takes anything from 24.5 hrs to 7 days depending on the designed purpose of the particular product.

The device used to create these products was developed by two physicists using Nikola Tesla’s original work. Carol, one of the two founders of Tesla's Innovational Technologies, took possession of this device, including instructions and a contract, in 1994.

Before this time, Carol had been involved with the Nikola-Tesla-developed "Purple Plate Technology" (EIP) produced by a scientist, Ralf Bergstresser (1915-2001), and Noel Orchard. Unfortunately, these products were unable to raise vibrations past 7.9Hz, the planet's Schumann Resonance at the time of the creation of Purple Plate technology. Since that time, the Schumann Resonance has fluctuated greatly, at times going far above the original frequencies. "Purple Plate Technology" was thus unable to deal with this.

So, Carol moved on to assist in the further development of Tesla's technology, and thus Tesla's Innovational Technologies was born. The current technology allows for a variable frequency, which automatically adjusts to slightly higher than the current Schumann Resonance. This has the effect of continually pushing us towards the the light, so to speak. This can be challenging, of course, as it shines a mirror within us that can sometimes be difficult to face. However, this can be dealt with by continual inner work for our spiritual growth and development.

To recap, the current device used to create Tesla’s products alters the atomic structure/signature within metal causing the metal to act as a transceiver in the same manner as the Pyramids... or in simpler terms, in the same way as a ferrite aerial.

Note that this device is not a "particle accelerator." A particle accelerator is an apparatus to accelerate subatomic particles to high velocities, which then collide with other particles. This is often used to generate highly destructive (to organic life) X-rays and Gamma rays.

To function at its true potential, the metal used for Tesla's devices must be a pure element, not a human-made mixture like stainless steel or plastic, etc. Titanium was chosen to be the carrier metal, because it is a pure element. On the Periodic Table of Elements, titanium’s atomic number is 22, its crystalline structure is hexagonal, it is non-allergenic, and titanium’s molecular structure is similar to that of human bone. The titanium used by Tesla’s is grade 1. The only additive to it is oxygen.

Types of Tesla plates

Pendant and single-plate Tesla's products bring in higher energy and direct this in a cardiod pattern, the concave side transmitting the bulk of the received energy. Each product is programmed to do a particular task, although each plate may have multiple uses, too.

Double-plate products such as the various "oysters" or "house plates" direct the received energies back and forth between the plates until, like a laser, the energies are multiplied exponentially. This creates standing scalar fields of various sizes depending on the size of the product and depending on how long and at what settings the product was created in the Tesla's device.

Put simply, the double-plate products create a kind of "bubble" of coherent, harmonising energy that surrounds us and filters and conditions incoherent human-created EMFs/EMR, including 5G, mediating the adverse effects. This, in turn, allows our bodies and Nature to do their jobs better in keeping us healthy and happy.

As for the consciousness-raising qualities of Tesla's Innovational Technologies products, all of them have this effect, as they all support cutting through the static of human-created EMFs/EMR, and they are all connected through photon energy and scalar wave technology to higher consciousness from the Sun, the stars, the galaxy, and beyond.

Next section: What else was Nikola Tesla about?

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