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Tesla's Innovational Technologies | Testimonials

Tesla's Innovational Technologies Testimonials

All the following testimonials come directly from the Tesla's makers' archives.

All the following testimonials are anecdotal in nature. As such, please be reminded that Tesla's does not purport to "cure" or "heal" anything, nor does it purport to "protect" against anything. The value in Tesla's products is that they mediate EMFs and EMR to render these more biologically compatible for us. As such, these products return Nature to Nature, which then allows Nature to support and strengthen our immune systems and to maintain our health and well-being. It is Nature that heals, cures, protects, supports, and strengthens us.

Lyme’s Symptoms Gone in 1 week!

A client who was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease and had exhausted all options heard about the benefits of the Tesla Products and purchased a Tesla House Kit to see if this would help.

After a week she rang the makers, ecstatic, as all of her Lyme’s symptoms had completely vanished.

This was still the case three months later and she was, and still is, completely over the moon, as not in her wildest dreams did she expect such a life changing result.

As she had tried everything, she believes Tesla’s House Kit was the final key in restoring her health.

Clients Artificial Hip No Longer Rings When the Phone Does!

A client with an artificial hip who worked as a tradesman with his phone in his pocket most of his work life would experience his “hip ring” every time his phone rang.

After purchasing a range of Tesla's Products, including the Phone Tags, he was pleased to finally gain relief from his “ringing hip.”

Calmed My Aggressive Dog

A client with an aggressive dog that would scare every other pet in the neighbourhood reported that, after purchasing a pet pendant for the dog, the neighbours' dogs would now all wait on the porch for her formerly "aggressive dog” to come out. Before this, the dog would scare all the other dogs in the neighbourhood, but now he was the most gentle and popular dog on the street!

Interestingly, when her dog lost his pendant, he quickly went back to his old ways, and the neighbourhood pets would steer clear. However, after getting a new pet pendant again, he went back to being Mr Popular!

Saved My Bee Hive!

A client who was a bee keeper had a dying bee hive, which he moved away from the other bee hives to keep the others thriving.

He heard about the benefits of Tesla’s Plates and decided to purchase a Farm Plate to try. He placed this under the dying bee hive.

After a few weeks, this hive was not only resurrected, but it was now producing more honey than all the other hives.

Suffice to say, he was very impressed!

Tesla’s House Plate Sold My House!

A client was having trouble selling her house, having had no bites for 3 months. A friend recommend that she get a Tesla House Plate to help with the house's energy and electromagnetic stress. She put the Plate under her Queenslander house.

Three days later, she sold the home to a couple who were over the moon to buy this particular house.

The new owner said there was a spot in the house that felt so good that she just wanted to sit there all the time, because, right there, she felt at peace.

The buyers said that they didn’t look at another house after that.

Of course, the spot she was referring to, was right above where the Tesla House Plate was sitting! (The seller left the Plate to the new owner as a special gift, because she herself had enjoyed it so much!)

Fukushima Nuclear Incident (2011)

Tesla’s Innovational Technologies was also involved in the largest donation to the survivors of the radiation disaster at Fukushima 2011, the second worst Nuclear incident in history where three nuclear reactors blew up and 47,000 people were forced out their homes due to the extremely high levels of toxic radiation. Tesla’s Plates and Pendants were supplied by the makers to counteract this, and this helped many Japanese families escape the damaging health effects of radiation poisoning at that time.

Benefits to Electromagnetically Sensitive or Hypersensitive Children

A young girl, who was suffering from electrohypersensitivity (a clinically diagnosed condition now), was unable to attend school, because she would be bedridden for two days after each visit.

She also couldn’t stand to be in the house when a family member was using the washing machine, microwave, dishwasher, or their cell phone, because it was  too painful for her body to withstand. So, she was forced to wait outside each time until that family member or machine had finished.

After searching high and low for a solution, her mother heard about Tesla's products and, after talking to the makers, purchased some of the products for her daughter.

After receiving the products, on that very same day, the mother rang the makers, over the moon and in tears! For the first time in 18 years, her daughter was not only able to be in the house when a cell phone or electrical device was on, but she actually made her own first phone call ever! Without pain! She personally thanked the makers on the phone, all of them sobbing with joy!

This story still brings the makers to tears each time they share it, as Tesla products literally gave this little girl her life back!

Now, she is able to live a normal life, speak on her phone when she wants, travel, go back to school, and even shop where she wants to, with no painful after-effects, all thanks to Tesla’s products.

Insomniac No More

A client suffered insomnia for her whole life and always struggled with the daily effects of fatigue after getting little sleep the night before.

After purchasing and installing Tesla’s 5G House Kit, she started having the most peaceful sleeps within days. As you can imagine, she was absolutely ecstatic, as the Tesla House Kit completely changed her life and her daily state of being!

Bringing Roses to Life

Another client reported that after purchasing Tesla’s Small 5G House Plate, the roses in her front garden began to bloom again after not flowering for the last few years, even though she had tried everything else!

Tesla Helping with Pregnancy

A couple in their twenties could not work out why they kept having miscarriages. After Tesla's makers dowsed their house, they found that the couple were sleeping under an extremely powerful geomagnetic vortex.

The makers put a House Plate there, dowsed again, and found that the vortex was now gone.

The result? The couple became pregnant soon after and delivered a healthy baby!

Calming of Neighbours

One lady reported that she was having issues with an abusive neighbour for a number of years. Apparently, the neighbour would abuse most of the other neighbours on a weekly basis and was otherwise continuously loud and disruptive.

After purchasing Tesla’s Small 5G House Plate, she rang the makers two months later saying that she had not heard a peep from her abusive neighbour since the purchase of the House Plate... to her and her neighbours' delight!

Calming of Aggressive/Autistic Son

A client who bought a Tesla House Plate had an autistic son who was very aggressive.

In the first two weeks after receiving the House Plate, she said that the energy in the house was really heavy, which she found interesting.

However, after 2 weeks, the energy of the house became peaceful, and the boy completely calmed. He could now readily concentrate and do his homework, and the whole house was seemed always peaceful.

The mother was over the moon, as you can imagine!

Stopping a Fire

This testimonial is from a lady who had owned a Small 5G House Kit for a few years. One night, a nearby transformer caught on fire in their suburb, and the effect of this was that all the houses within a certain radius of the transformer had their TVs and radios catch on fire except for the client's house, the two neighbours' houses either side of her, and the house directly across the road.

Astoundingly, this was exactly within the circumference of influence of the Tesla’s 5G Small House Plate, which she had sitting on the coffee table near her TV!

This clearly demonstrates the Power of Tesla’s House Plates!

Hybrid Car Alert

A bought a hybrid car, and it made her so tired and fatigued that she didn’t want to drive it anymore, because she thought she would fall asleep at the wheel. She then decided to purchase Tesla’s Car Plate, which she positioned in her car. As soon as she did this, she found that driving no longer made her tired and fatigued.


A masseuse had a client that was as hard as a rock and just couldn’t relax. So, she put a Tesla’s Car Plate under the table, and the lady melted like butter and totally relaxed. This then made it easy for the masseuse to work her treatment and for the client to receive the benefit of this.

Flight Attendant

A client who was an airplane attendant who would travel on long flights (New York to Australia and back) was "fanned" by a practitioner using a Car Plate from a distance of 3 metres.

The attendant's pain was so unbearable that it was like someone sticking a knife into her back due to the accumulated radiation in her spine from all the flying.

After the fanning process, which released all the radiation, the flight attendant was pain-free, peaceful, joyful, and healthy. To remain so, from then on, she carried the Car Plate with her always, particularly during her long flights. At the next "fanning" session, no residual radiation was detected.

TIP: If you are ultra-sensitive to fluorescent lights, take the Car Plate into the supermarket with you.

TIP: Airline pilots need to carry Farm Plates (Large 5G Oyster Plates) with them, because they are constantly around radars, airplane electrics and electronics, X-ray screenings, and increased natural radiation at high altitudes, all of which is otherwise extremely damaging to their health.

Cat’s Tail

A Car Plate helped with the healing of a lady’s cat’s tail. The cat was scheduled to have its tail surgically removed, because the tail had been run over by a car, had no life force connection, and was thus dead. The owner decided not to go through with the tail removal, because he thought that the cat liked his tail. Two months after obtaining the Car Plate and placing it under the cat's bed, miraculously, the cat's tail came to life again!

9% Power Saving

A client who owned a mechanical workshop registered a 9% power saving costs thanks to Tesla's Electron Stabiliser.

School Turnaround

The Principal of a Catholic School rang up the makers and said that her students had been playing up, their grades were dropping, and that the teachers didn’t get along and were fighting a lot.

During after-hours, the makers visited the school, and they put a Farm Plate in the ceiling, over the staff room.

A month later, the makers received a call from the Principal saying that the two teachers who had been fighting were now getting along and another who had been disruptive had left the school.

Aside from this, all the students were better behaved at lunch times and in class, and their grades were improved.

Naturally, the Principal was over the moon!

Effective Teether

A client’s youngest girl liked to use her Tesla's Pendant as a teether. It appeared to calm the girl down during her otherwise painful teething period. The client also noticed that the Tesla's Water Kit made her water sweeter and taste much nicer.

Looking Younger

Another client messaged and said that, after wearing the Pendant for a few weeks, all of her friends said she looked years younger, and they all asked what diet she was on! She told them about Tesla's technologies, after which they all ending up buying Pendants, too, and seeing great results over time.

Personality Swap

A husband and wife had similar Personal Pendants. One day, they accidentally put on each other’s Pendants. The result was that they swapped personalities! He was usually quite lazy, and she was always on the go, but they literally did a character change. He started doing lots of things around the house, and she spent most of the day just pottering around until they realised what had happened. They had a big laugh about this as they returned the Pendants to their rightful owners.

Magic Movements

A lady took her Pendant off and put it on her bed just before she went to have a bath. Then, when she was relaxing in the bath, all of a sudden, she heard a dropping sound, and her pendant dropped into the bath with her.

She was startled, as somehow, the Pendant had managed to get from her bed to the bath, as if to say, "Don’t ever take me off again, please…". Sounds incredible, but apparently true!

Breast Lumps No More

One lady wore a Practitioner Plate in each pocket of her bra and reported to the makers that it had reduced the lumps in her breasts dramatically.

Quieting the Neighbours

One time a lady’s neighbours were having a loud party, and they all started fighting, so she put the House Plate facing the wall toward them, and within minutes, the fighting stopped.

This same thing happened the next weekend where she put the House Plate in the window, and the fighting next door stopped again.

Sleeping Again During Menopause!

The makers have reported hundreds of women in pre- menopause or menopause who would struggle to sleep at night. They either put their Pocket Plate under their pillow, or they fit a House Plate in their home. After this, their sleeping problems disappeared!

Itchy Skin No More!

One gentleman who moved to the Gold Coast would itch for at least 30 minutes after every shower. After hearing about Tesla’s products and installing a Water Kit, the itching immediately went away and never came back.

Another woman reports that, after moving into an apartment without a Tesla’s Water Kit, within 24 hours, she broke out in a big, aching rash. After getting a Water Kit, her skin returned to normal, and the ache disappeared, all within 12 hours of fitting the Kit.

She took it as a lesson not to go travelling without a Tesla’s Small Water Kit!

An Experience with Tesla’s Phone Tags

A lay's personal experience with Tesla’s Phone Tags came from having two phones, one treated with Tesla’s Phone Tags, and one without.

With the treated phone, she was able to commence work on her phone as usual, without irritation or other side-effects. However, with the phone without Tesla’s phone tags, she was unable to hold the phone for more the five seconds when it was connected to her Wifi without her hands feeling like they were on fire. When she typed on the untreated phone, each finger would get zapped.

As she runs a business, it's fair to say that Tesla's was a Godsend for her.

MS Healed with the help of Tesla

The makers reported that a client of theirs had severe MS, and she claimed that Tesla’s House Kit helped significantly with her recovery. She now walks and does a lot of manual tasks that she was previously unable to do.

She also reported that, prior to Tesla's, she would come out of the shower looking like a lobster. After Tesla's, though, she comes out fine... except for one time when the painters took off the Water Kit to paint the pipes and didn’t put it back. In that case, the lady's rashes came back until the Tesla’s Water Kit was reinstalled again.

Tesla Upgrade

One client lost five of her Tesla's Plates all at once. She searched high and low and couldn’t find them anywhere. Months later, they all just reappeared again and exactly where they were before, e.g. in the garden, on the window seal, on the dining table, etc. She and the makers believe that the Plates had gone to get upgraded and then came back! Sounds implausible, but that's what was reported! It's also possible that a family member had "borrowed" them!

NOTE: All Tesla plates have the ability to raise their level of output. When they see, feel, or sense a threat, they will simply intensify their power/light to adapt to what’s going on in their surroundings.

Magic Pocket for Executives

According to the Tesla's makers, most of the executives of BHP carry Tesla’s Practitioner Plates in their top shirt pocket. They have found that this helps with focus, productivity, clarity, holding their own energy, and staying calm and to task when dealing with others.

The makers hold that the Practitioner Plate helps us stay in our own energy and power, particularly when around others who may be leeching energy from us.

Digestive Issues Healed

A man aged 75 had major issues with his digestive system. He called the makers, and they recommended that he sleep with a 5G House Plate next to his stomach each night.

Within two months, the man's entire digestive system had completely healed, and he had no more troubles with his stomach.

Transformer Blowout at Fish Creek Victoria Australia

In Fish Creek,Victoria, Australia, in May 1999, lighting caused two radiation transformers to blow, which surrounded three major farms.

One of these farms was the Smith Dairy Farm. The Smith family rang the makers in distress two months after the blow and asked for help, as they had heard about Tesla Products helping with radiation.

The Smith’s explained to the makers that their chickens had stopped laying within days of the blow, and, in 3 weeks, ALL of their chickens had died!

The Smith’s family cat had also developed cancer and had to have his leg removed two months after the incident. In addition, anyone who walked through the paddock would become ill and suffer sweats for two hours immediately after, which is one of the symptoms of radiation sickness.

The Smith’s cows, which were put in the house paddock just before calving, were all delivering still-born or deformed calves.

Moreover, the whole family, including the five children, were all unwell.

After hearing all of this, the makers visited the farm and took readings with a computerised Geiger Counter and armed with Tesla's products.

NOTE: The average milliroentgens per hour or mR/hr, meaning the average radiation levels, around Melbourne at that time was currently 21 mR/hrs

However, at the Smiths Farm on the 26th May 1999, radiation levels were:

  • House paddock: 41 mR/hr
  • 10ft round transformer: 48 mR/hr
  • Water Tank for animals: 42 mR/hr

Twice as much as normal!

NOTE: The water tank was half an acre away from the hit site.

As an emergency measure, 5 Tesla's Farm Plates were put in place around the farm after dowsing for the best positions, and after just 3 hours, the same measurements were again taken.

These results are shown below:

  • House paddock: 34 mR/hr
  • 10ft round transformer: 46 mR/hr
  • Water Tank for animals: 42 mR/hr

This showed an instant improvement of the house paddock.

The makers then returned to the farm a month later to redo the Geiger counter readings. The results were as follows:

  • House paddock: 32 mR/hr
  • 10ft round transformer: 33 mR/hr
  • Water Tank for animals: 35 mR/hr

This showed a dramatic improvement around the transformer and water tank.

Geiger counter readings were then done each month, and, by December 1999 (7 months later), the readings were:

  • House paddock: 26 mR/hr (down from 41 mR/hr in May)
  • 10ft round transformer: 28 mR/hr (down from 48 mR/hr in May)
  • Water Tank for animals: 30 mR/hr (down from 42 mR/hr in May)

The makers visited the farm again in April 2005, and they were delighted to hear that everyone was well. People could walk through the house paddock without any problems, the cows were birthing healthy calves, and the farm was now a healthy picture.

There were three other farms that had lighting strikes resulting in transformers blowing up the same night as the Smiths.

Tesla products were offered to these farmers, but they refused any help.

Two of these farmers in the meantime had died of cancer, and three other members of the farms were battling cancer.

As you can see, this is clear proof that even the worst radiation incidents can be treated successfully with Tesla's products!

This particular episode has been retold in a video on our Videos page.