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Tesla's Innovational Technologies | What is interfering with us realising who we are?

What's it all about?
Who are we as humans?
What is interfering with us realising who we are?
Scientific proof of the dangers of EMFs/EMR and 5G
Disconnection from the Source of our higher life
Who was Nikola Tesla?
Tesla Waves and more...
Our electrical nature
How does this relate to Tesla's Innovational Technologies?
What else was Nikola Tesla about?
Extraterrestrials (ETs)
Summary of what Tesla's Innovational Technologies is about
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About me

Tesla's Innovational Technologies is usually promoted as a business offering 5G and EMFs/EMR protection devices. While Tesla's devices offer the best 5G and EMFs/EMR protection you will find, as the technology comes straight down from Tesla himself, these products and the technologies behind them are far more than mere 5G and EMFs/EMR protection devices.

If you explore the information offered on the product pages of this site, you may notice that each device, apart from offering benefits in relation to 5G and EMFs/EMR protection, has other uses, too.

For example, the Car/Travel Plate is also useful in neutralising the mercury poisoning in mercury amalgam fillings. The 14-sided General Plate is also good for auric clearing, foot reflexology energising, assisting wheel chair bound individuals, detoxification, and water treatment. And the 5G Small and Large Oyster Plates also energise plant & animal life in the surrounding area of houses and farms. And then there are the Spirit and Practitioner Plates, which are more overtly designed for higher purposes such as auric clearing and spiritual connection.

In a general sense, all of Tesla's products are designed to address those who have electrosensitivity, the most common symptoms of this condition being headaches, sleep disturbances, nausea, dizziness, cognitive and memory problems, a racing heart and heart palpitations, burning sensations, nose bleeds and noise or light sensitivities. We do not go into the reasons why certain people are more sensitive than others to EMFs/EMR, but there is a reason for sensitivity overall, and it has to do with the general frequency of a person and their overall energetic fields of consciousness.

Leading on from this, overarching all of the usual 5G, EMFs/EMR, and ancillary benefits of Tesla's devices is the fact that these technologies have a higher purpose and come from a higher realm. And Tesla knew this!

What is interfering with us realising who we are?

It is said in some spiritual traditions that, as we are, we are "asleep" to our higher potential. In order to "wake up" and evolve in consciousness, we must "work on ourselves," as it is sometimes said. Meditation and other spiritual practices are examples of "inner work."

While "sleep" is a general condition of humanity at this very dark time in history (the Hindus called this era the Kali Yuga), our efforts to "wake up" have been thwarted by something that has been created by humans and which is increasingly detrimental not only to our health and well-being but also to our spiritual development.