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Seasons of a Boy - A Story of Awakening to Life, Love, and Spirit

Seasons of a Boy - A Story of Awakening to Life, Love, and Spirit

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This novel will inspire you, entertain you, having you smiling, and maybe even have you shedding a tear or two, as well as opening you up to the hope, joy, and love that surrounds us all in this living world.

A novel by Martin Lass

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A mysterious presence appears shortly after a baby’s birth and then again at various intervals of a boy’s growing up. What is this presence, and what does it mean? To find out, the boy must travel a lifetime, gradually bringing together the seasons of his life—the pieces of himself—into an ever-larger picture.

In a collage of overlapping episodes and vignettes, Seasons of a Boy is an inspirational tale painted with broad strokes, poetically drawing one into the magic of life and the mysteries of awareness, seen through the eyes of a boy becoming an adult and an adult reconnecting to the boy within.

The author, Martin Lass, is a spiritual teacher, violinist, composer, astrologer, healer, and writer. Lass’s musical successes have made him a household name in Australasia, with ten CD releases and innumerable media appearances.

As a writer, Lass has written regularly over the years for trade journals such as Well Being, Woman Spirit, and Golden Age. He has authored numerous non-fiction books on subjects ranging from astrology to music to metaphysics, not the least of which is Chiron - Healing Body and Soul, his acclaimed astrology book about Chiron, the planet of Healing (Llewellyn Publications, 2005).

Seasons of a Boy is Lass’s first novel.

(Read excerpts here)