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Tesla's Innovational Technologies | "Carry Me" Plate

Tesla's Innovational Technologies | "Carry Me" Plate

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The "Carry Me" Plate

In response to the current world situation, a new decagonal (10-sided) double plate, which further strengthens immunity along with a high detoxification effect, has been born!

(Please see disclaimer at the bottom of page.)

* N.B. A Tesla’s Personal Pendant must be worn while using this product *

Like the Personal Pendant the "Carry Me" Plate quickly adapts to the owner’s unique matrix. Once the adaption has occurred the plate cannot be used or shared with anyone else. One plate per person, including family members.

Keep the Tesla’s "Carry Me" Plate in a pocket or tucked away inside a bra. It is recommended to carry this plate with you at all times if possible during the day, at night place under your pillow or on the bedside table close to you.

The "Carry Me" Plate weighs about 40 grams and comes in an organza bag along with a silk drawstring pouch making the plate easy to use and wear. * To keep your plate in good condition, leave in the silk bag, this will help prevent scratches etc. *

Those who own this plate describe this plate as if they were describing a friend – “Gorgeous” “Friendly” “Calming” and love having their plate with them.

All our Plates employ scalar wave technology, which represents a higher physics than standard Hertzian physics. You can read more about this here.

All our products have been extensively and independently tested using various testing methods. You can read more about this here.

Once again, please note that the Tesla's "Carry Me" Plate must only be used while wearing a Tesla's Personal Pendant. Visit here to obtain both at the same time. Note that you will not see the "Carry Me" Plate option until you have chosen your Personal Pendant Shape and Colour/Style.

Note: Refunds cannot be given on Tesla's Personal Pendants, "Carry Me" Plates, or Spirit Plates, as these "tune" themselves to the wearer and cannot be reprogrammed to another person afterwards. However, our refund policy applies to all other Tesla's products.

In addition, none of the claims made here have been assessed by the FDA (USA) or TGA (Australia). As such, we do not claim that Tesla's Innovational Technologies products cure anything, even though we have clinical studies that you can look at. Otherwise, we only have anecdotal evidence. However, we believe that, in this day and age, anecdotal evidence is as good if not better than all the "scientific" studies and opinions of "experts" paid for by Big Pharma and the Global Reset cabal of criminals.